Women’s fashion and how they make a statement.

Over the decades the fashion industry has evolved its sense and style of fashion. Female fashion is at the forefront of this evolution as the trends change from one era to the next. From the 1920’s flapper era to the 1980’s glitter-and-bold infused designs, women have found a way to utilise fashion to express their personal style and identity.

Bold statement-pieces are some of the most significant ways to make a fashion statement. Earrings, graphic prints, oversized to mini clothing pieces, women have incorporated their taste, style and identity into their wardrobe. 

Women showed resistance in the 1900’s from wearing Western and European boned-corsets and long skirts to embrace their individuality through more relaxed and comfortable clothing pieces. Different cultures across the globe have evolved to the point where (most) women are able to choose what they would like to wear.

From the 1950’s onwards, women have started using their style and fashion choices to convey and communicate their authority and level of confidence. From personal beliefs to cultural background to personal style, women have continuously incorporated some of these aspects, if not all, into their daily fashion choices; finding different ways to communicate with the world.

Sustainable fashion has been growing in popularity and has become top of mind for some women when they look for new clothing pieces to add to their collection. Women are conscious about the environment, now more than ever, and are on the look out for sustainable brands that assist in the protection of the environment. 

A final thought, women have helped shape the fashion industry and in turn made fashion their personal statement. From traditional corset eras, to extravagant shoulder-pads, women today use fashion to express themselves and carry with them their own unspoken introduction to the world. Fashion is no longer just about dressing the part, it is about envisioning the particular feeling and expressing emotion, interpretation and style through fashion. A woman’s brand through fashion, if you will.

Published by MimiiMeis

My name is Monika, but everyone calls me Mimii. I am a dance teacher. I like to read almost any type of book, I love binge-watching series and I have a special kind of admiration for children's animations. I like to sing, although I am terrible at it. I like to be adventurous and spend time outdoors with my friends. I travel the world from time to time and love to immerse myself in the culture whenever I go to a new country. History, art, culture, the way people live and the food they eat are just fascinating.

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