Trying my hand at Blogging

 Most (famous) people I follow on social media have started from blogging. My goal is not to become famous whatsoever.  I believe it would be a fun way for me to try something new and overcome my anxiety of posting on social media – to go ahead and be me. No matter how odd I might be at times. 

I have always thought that setting up a blog is would be a much harder process than it is. So why have I never created a blog before? Easy! I do not know what to write about and I am, still, not too sure what I want to write about. This is going to be my new adventure. Learn how to do something new. 

My name is Monika, but everyone calls me Mimii. I am a dance teacher. I like to read almost any type of book, I love binge-watching series and I have a special kind of admiration for children’s animations. I like to sing, although I am terrible at it. I like to be adventurous and spend time outdoors with my friends. I travel the world from time to time and love to immerse myself in the culture whenever I go to a new country. History, art, culture, the way people live and the food they eat are just fascinating.

Please feel free to let me know of any suggestions or feedback on how this all works. But for now, Ciao!