Saving money and building financial growth.

Money is, and will continue to be, the currency we use to exchange and purchase goods and/or services. It is crucial that we understand how money works, how to save and build financial growth. It is no secret that women, myself included, have been hesitant to talk about money, or discuss anything related to moneyContinue reading “Saving money and building financial growth.”

Women’s fashion and how they make a statement.

Over the decades the fashion industry has evolved its sense and style of fashion. Female fashion is at the forefront of this evolution as the trends change from one era to the next. From the 1920’s flapper era to the 1980’s glitter-and-bold infused designs, women have found a way to utilise fashion to express theirContinue reading “Women’s fashion and how they make a statement.”

Female empowerment in every day settings.

 Most (famous) people I follow on social media have started from blogging. My goal is not to become famous whatsoever.  I believe it would be a fun way for me to try something new and overcome my anxiety of posting on social media – to go ahead and be me. No matter how odd IContinue reading “Female empowerment in every day settings.”